Japanese and Murakami.

Sometimes I wonder, why is it so hard to achieve something. Now that I have come to the conclusion, I find it pretty easy to commit to new things.

Well, I have always loved Japanese. It started with anime and now I have started my classes. I found it extremely fascinating, the language. They have more words and more creativity compared to other languages. 

Now that I have started my classes, I hope to read Murakami’s original works that are written in Japanese. I think the works that are translated in English lack something. Something that only Japanese letters can bring. Thus, now that I am learning, I feel a step closer to Murakami. Maybe someday, someday I will get to know what he actually meant in those books.


Rain and thoughts.

It’s pouring over here. By here I mean in Kolkata.
Yes. Here I am, sitting beside the window and watching the rain drops race (I wonder who will win).

Now that I give it a thought, it is all very peculiar. I have always wondered why is everything so complicated. But then I came to the conclusion that we are the one who made it so complicated.

Well, I am a student. My biggest question in life is ‘Who am I?’. I somehow, always fail to answer this question. Metaphors. Life is a huge metaphor. A metaphorical maze where we’re all trapped. I wonder how many of you realised this.

(The rain drop on the left won)

I have always loved people but sometimes I hate them. Contradicting my own thoughts are now a habit. I seem to love contradicting for some very weird reason. I might talk in riddles, but I can’t seem to arrange my thoughts in order. I wonder if I am the only one who has this problem of ‘can’t arrange my thought in order’.
I have always dreamt of being someone who is perfect. Not long after the dream, I realised that perfection is nothing but a flawed concept because there is simply nothing called ‘Perfect’.
The word itself is a metaphor.

I wonder what’s wrong with me.

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